Monday, February 6, 2012

The Diaper Group where they don't discuss diapers????

     So, recently I've been in an ongoing battle with the group"Young Ageplayers 18-35" on fetlife. I went in there thinking, "Oh cool, some normal people that ageplay." I came out with a seriously fucked up outlook on the group as a whole. It is set up by a bunch of girls that are really bitchy. I don't see how in a fetish like this that they think they are better than anyone else. I mean this is a group that will rip you a new one for mentioning diapers. If they don't want to talk about it they should get facebook accounts. This stupid girl starts a thread whining about how someone is stealing her pics and putting them on a tumblr account. She is upset even though she steals peoples pics and does the exact same thing. Then someone suggested watermarking your photos. She said that they could edit it out. The person said to do a big fuck you across them like mine. She then called me paranoid and said I shouldn't even post pics cuz it takes away from them. I went off ....Its been going on ever since. I think it has finally died down some, but it still pisses me off. I really hate those bitches. The sad thing is that they are just jealous. Most of them are actually not that pretty. Good thing they are good at myspace angles. Not to mention their ugly insides to match what they have on the outside.
     Now that I got that out of my system I can move I'm going to a munch on the 18th in Colorado Springs. My new friend Jarod is going to take us. I'm super excited to meet more new people.

*I deleted the fat statement because it was mean. In my defense though. I was called fat one of the monkeys


  1. you failed to mention that you wanted to inflict bodily harm so they cant take anymore pictures. lol, psycho bitch be psycho. i wonder what other bullshit Daniel is feeding you? must be a good line. dont worry butterface, im sure you will make friends at the local methadone clinic.

    looking at this whole wah-fest, i wonder who exactly is the jealous one? and honey, fat? really? have you looked at yourself in a mirror that isnt in a funhouse? you arent exactly a size 4. just go take a shower and wash away the butthurt.

  2. Really attacking me on a personal blog...Stalkers. Butterface seriously I look better than any of those horse faced tweaker

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  4. Are you kidding me!? Most of the girls in that "Ageplayers 18-35" group are fatties! And they have funny looking faces.

    They are certainly NOT cute. I know they think they are, and so do their friends. But not everyone is into "BBW". Plus, they all have the personality of a used wash rag. All this attacking Lolly is just making your petty "clique" look even worse than it already does. And yes, you guys are developing a bad reputation for yourselves which goes beyond just this example.

    Lolly is cute... Jealous much? Evidently, or you wouldn't be pestering her so much. Your group has pissed her off. Let her vent and move on.

  5. Seriously guys?? I've looked at a few pics... Lolly is NOT fat! Especially not compared to quite a few of the other AB Girls I've seen on Fetlife. She's no Skinny Mini, but who cares for that either? She looks like a real person, and that's good.

    And even if she was (which she isn't), she's a nice person. Sheesh - so much drama, why are people so dramatic?

  6. your thighs are soooo huuuge i can barely see your diaper!