Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hi My Name Is Lolly and I'm Addicted to Ice Coffee

    Seriously I think I have an addiction. Every time I see cold coffee I need it. I'm a caffeine junkie. Im trying to cut out the Mt Dew from my diet...Lets see how long I can make that last. I love juice, so I'm going to try to substitute that in.
   On a more serious note. I thought about giving up my little side last night. I really had to think if I could just be a normal adult. I would get rid of all my kids clothes, my toys, crayons....I would have so much room. Geez Lolly takes up a bunch of space! I would just be blah and normal. It doesn't sound very fun. So, I came to a daddy loves that part of me, I love that part of me, and it is who I am. Getting rid of all the stuff would only make Lolly go away for a few days. Then she would be back again wondering why i gave away all her super cool stuff. So, I will just let my little side play as she wants to. My big side just goes along for the