Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's been awhile..

Dodger and I pretending to be
Kat and I had fun tying Dodger's shoes together!
  Well, I went to a munch in Colorado Springs last week, and met a lot of cool people. Hopefully we can get a more organized group of Ageplayers in Colorado. I would like to see more of the younger people in the Denver area get together. I'm sure we could have lots of fun. We live in an amazing city, and there is always so much to do inside and out. Kat from diaperedkitten is having a munch soon at her house. I really can't wait for that one.
   I was looking around online, and came across a site called They sell footed jammies for so much cheaper than other places I've seen. I saw some pairs on their sale page for 14 dollars! That's craziness!
  My Daddy is off for the next few days, so hopefully we will do something fun. Casa Bonita, Toys R Us, The many things I can think of to do. I wish my daddy had more time off work :(

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