Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Casa Bonita with Daddy and Jarrod

This last week I've had quite a lot of fun. My friend Jarrod took my daddy and I to Casa Bonita. We had a lot of fun. My daddy ate so much I swore he was going to die. Jarrod and I went to watch the cave divers. Then we went in the caves, and to a haunted house. It was cool. They did a puppet show that even made my daddy laugh. After filling up sopapillas with TONS and I mean TONS of honey on them w headed home. Jarrod and I made bottles with coke and vodka. YUMM Then we played guitar hero 5. We rocked out and beat the game. After that we both went little Jarrod changed into his sleeper, and my daddy changed me into my onesie. We made a place on the floor with lots of comfy blankets, and played with blocks that Jarrod brought. We made a ginormous car with a gun on the front! I gave Jarrod his new Teddy Bear Ted. Ted has a purple carebear named Bob on his neck. They are cool! We finally started to settle down and we watched the Labyrinth. I'm still scared to death of David Bowie...Eeep! Jarrod got sleepys and fell asleep. Then when the movie was over he had to go home. I hope we get to hang out soon.
  I took some photos for a site called I'm really excited to start earning money doing something I already love to do.Okay I will post a few pics from Casa Bonita,  but then it's off to bed.

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