Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where to start..

Wow I really don't even know where to start with this. I came out to my mom about the ABDL thing. She thought I was going crazy, because she kept on finding shit...She took it badly, but she is okay now. I feel bad about it, but shit happens. I couldn't just let her keep on thinking I was doing something worse than what I was. Meh... So went to the Munch in the Springs and I brought my new friend LeyLey she is lettucebaby on fetlife. She expressed to me that she was a little, so I completely made her go little at the party. We had lots of fun coloring with Rachel. Then we had Daddy drive us home in her awesome van. We picked up D0dger on the way and headed up to my house. D0dger and I had some good St.Patty's day fun with tequila and beer.. I cuddled up to LeyLey and my daddy at bedtime. I LOVED cuddling with LeyLey just something about her makes me wanna cuddle...I'm a cuddle whore :) Cuddles for everyone!! Tonight we went to Kat's house for a play party. It was soooo much fun. We showed up late as always, but made it in time to hang out and color eggs and hunt for them. I got spanked hard by Kat for giving my friend Tyler candy, when he wasn't supposed to have it. I have bruises on my butt from the paddle. She pulled me over her knee in front of everyone, and pulled down my diaper. Then she spanked me 42 times, but I had to count them. Every time I lost count she made me start all over again!! I lost count at like 30 something and then again when I was in the 40's. It actually was what I needed and I would like to think I behaved the rest of the night. Kat let me spank Tyler a few times, and I loved it!! Then I got to play with her rubber band gun Thor...apparently it is used to shot guys in the balls. I seriously didn't know how I felt about that, but ended up completely loving doing that. I got in trouble for shooting D0dger though. Kat said that's a No No... boo D0dger finally ended up getting spanked by Kay, and he completely loved it. Afterwards we headed to my place for some RockBand and orange vodka, and blue moon.D0dger let me put him in heels and dress him up like the queen of hearts. He makes me laugh. I've decided that since there are no real abdl girls in my area that want to hang out...Ill just make Brian be that way :) Okay gotta go take out all evidence of a crazy night out to the I guess it's goodbye until I can get on here again...Love anyone that actually takes the time to read my blog...


  1. :: Giggle :: I'll hang out. Don't remember where you live though.... I'm in North Carolina.