Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Mystical Land of Storage

    Today we went to D's storage unit. That in normal circumstances would be easy, but it is on the other side of Colorado. Let's just say it made things a bit difficult. The ride down was beautiful. I love road trips. I wore a diaper just in case I fell asleep in the car. I didn't on the way down. The funny thing is that I had never been to D's storage. I just haven't had the chance. When I went to see him, and he was in college, he lived in a dorm room. It was small, so not many personal items were there. Then he moved here to Colorado, and the majority of what he brought went straight into storage. Seeing his stuff for the first time was really cool. It was like seeing a part of him that I've never seen before. His ex had some of her boxes in there, and that was kind of hurtful to me. Something about just seeing her shit in there made me feel like she was more real. I'm a jealous person I guess, and it sucks that someone knew him before HE'S MINE!!!
   On the other hand the day turned out to be pretty fun. I got my hair cut. I've always wanted to donate my hair, so I finally did it. I love my new short hair. We also went to some casinos on the way back. They gave me $5 to sign up for a card. I used the card, and won 10. I ended up with 30, and I got to play craps with D. Which was pretty fun.The day actually turned out pretty well.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

If you feel like it...

Well, I doubt anyone really cares, but I'm having a hard time affording diapers. I've started modeling through Aunt Elli, but the money hasn't really started coming in yet. I don't have a "real job" right now, just making money where I can. I've started AB Sitting. I actually really enjoy it, but so far I've only done it once. Plus I'm doing it ridiculously cheap as far as that type of thing goes. I hate worrying about money, but I guess I can't be little all the time. I really do need the diapers at night. My meds have me knocked out so bad that I have been leaking in the middle of the night. Living in an apartment sucks...laundry is super expensive. I just need some diapers that won't leak, and they are a little more than I can afford at the moment. I will try to continue taking pics for my blog and fetlife, but I don't know how I will be able to work that out without diapers. So, If anyone cares to help...donate what you can. Also, if you are an AB in the Denver area check out my fetlife page under writings for an application, rates, and rules for sitting. I've checked around and it seems the average without a nursery is around 35-40 per hour. I'm only asking 20 for the first 5 hours and then 15 an hour after that. I just hate asking for shit. It's got to the point though that I really don't know what to do. Maybe things will get better once I start school.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So other than having my first babysitting experience with my friend Jarrod...It was super fun. I also went to have a sleepover with LeyLey that night. We watched movies, she painted my nails, we did each others hair, and we played with the lalaloopsey dolls. She has tons of them, and I finally got one. She is messy just like me. We tried taking pics for a photo shoot, but we didn't get enough before we got tired, so I put some of them on my fetlife. She also recorded me playing. I posted it on youtube.