Thursday, April 5, 2012

If you feel like it...

Well, I doubt anyone really cares, but I'm having a hard time affording diapers. I've started modeling through Aunt Elli, but the money hasn't really started coming in yet. I don't have a "real job" right now, just making money where I can. I've started AB Sitting. I actually really enjoy it, but so far I've only done it once. Plus I'm doing it ridiculously cheap as far as that type of thing goes. I hate worrying about money, but I guess I can't be little all the time. I really do need the diapers at night. My meds have me knocked out so bad that I have been leaking in the middle of the night. Living in an apartment sucks...laundry is super expensive. I just need some diapers that won't leak, and they are a little more than I can afford at the moment. I will try to continue taking pics for my blog and fetlife, but I don't know how I will be able to work that out without diapers. So, If anyone cares to help...donate what you can. Also, if you are an AB in the Denver area check out my fetlife page under writings for an application, rates, and rules for sitting. I've checked around and it seems the average without a nursery is around 35-40 per hour. I'm only asking 20 for the first 5 hours and then 15 an hour after that. I just hate asking for shit. It's got to the point though that I really don't know what to do. Maybe things will get better once I start school.

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