Monday, May 7, 2012

Ageplayers Anonymous Munch

Well, the first Ageplayers Anonymous munch occurred on Saturday. Ageplayers Anonymous is the group I lead on fetlife. If you haven't joined you should, cuz we are super cool. There was a huge turnout. D and I thought it would be pretty small, since we only gave a weeks notice, but sooo many people came. I met lots of new people. The munch was hosted at Kit's house in Arvada, and it will definitely be happening again soon. There were a lot of new faces there. Even better is that most of them were my age. That really made me happy to know that there were so many of us in the Denver area. We colored, watched some seriously creepy kids movies, jumped on a trampoline in the rain... There was breast feeding and fuzzy_dunlop and I got spanked for being bad. No running in the house..Boo!

After the party my friend came over, and let me suck on her.... It was amazing. I've never just done that before, and I really enjoyed it. It was so relaxing, like drugs or something. On Tuesday I am going to her house to play with another little she is babysitting. Sounds like it will be interesting.... Bye for now.

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