Sunday, September 30, 2012


Well I have never been a morning person, and I have always been able to stay up late into the night. My daddy has gotten sick of it though. I will stay up for days at a time. I definetly know I have insomnia, and I take meds for that, but I don't always take them. My Daddy decided that I need to start getting my sleep at night, and that I need to be on a shedule for things to remind me what I have to do. He made me a very neat chart of the things I need to do once a month, once a week, and every day. At the end of each day, if I do what he wrote, I get a sticker. If I get 5 out of the 7 stickers a week he will give me 25 dollars to spend on something fun. If I can go all month with only missing 3 stars or less he will give me  a surprise. I am excited about that.
   I definitely was not thrilled about having...  a bed time, but I do need one. I make myself sick by not sleeping. He put parental controls on all of the computers and internets to go off at midnight. Even the xbox wont let me play on it after midnight if he finds out. I have to be in bed at 1 with my milk and Jay and my Paci. The time between 12 and 1 is for winding down. I was super mad that he took away the computers, but I guess it is cuz he cares.
   We took a trip to Mes Verde yesterday. OMG It is beautiful there. He changed me on the side of the rode in some town, and let me out of the car to play for a few minutes. Then when we got there we had to wait for our tour up to the balcony house. I took a nap laying on my Daddy for about 15 minutes. Then our Tour was ready to start. It was amazing! We had to walk down a ton of steps, and then we got to a flat area, and we had to climb through tiny tunnels. The Pueblo people thought of using the tiny tunnels as a way of rebirth. It was a very spiritual experience for me. I felt energy everywhere. It was unreal. Onthe other side of the tunnel was a ladder. It was a long climb up, but once we got to the top it was so neat. There were pueblos carved right into the side of the rocks. There was a sacrificial kiva and places for living and food storage. Then we climbed up another 30 ft tunnel.
   That was when I started to feel like I couldn't breath. I had no oxygen. I kept on caughing. I started to realize I needed my inhaler. I made my daddy pull over at the ranger station, but nobody was there. We went further up the road and pulled over at a hotel. My daddy ran inside and I stopped breathing I passed out, annd couldn,t see. I was so scared, and I couldn't stop crying. Finally my door opened and there was a very nice old native american woman standing next to me she let me use a inhaler and it kind of helped, but I still couldn't breath. The lady just set there with me and rubbed my back, and petted my hair. She was very sweet. She told me that they were trying but they just don't understand how serious this is. I couldn't see her my eyes went blank. She talked with me about my toys in the backseat and told me how cute they were.Finally the emt showed up with oxygen,and she gave me that while he took my blood pressure. I started to stabalize, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Eventually my breathing was normal and I could see. I thanked the lady, and then realized that I knew her daughter. What a small world it is...huh?
   Today Im just checking my accounts and Im starting to receive peoples responses on how they got into this. I love everyones support. It makes me feel like I am not writting without reason. I just want to tell everyone of my readers that you are fucking awesome. We may be weird to others. We may not always get along, but we still have a fucking amazing community. Embrace that! Thank you everyone...   

I'm loving the responses Ive received in regards to the last video. Keep them coming!

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