Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Time Again

It has been awhile since I have wrote anything. Summer has started , and I just need to relax. I have been doing what I would like to call cam whoring for about a month now. I love doing it, but it is mentally and physically still work. I had decided not to tell people about the diaper thing, but the past week I have been more open about it. Why should I hide who I really am? It doesn't hurt anyone, and I am going to be myself. I also got a video camera coming. I'm wanting to make videos for aunt elli again. The problem with our video camera is that it was a really nice one, but the technology was old. It didn't plug in to the laptop directly. Hopefully I can start making videos for her, or for a clips for sale. Who knows... If you are interested in a vanilla, or a private abdl video cam time or mommy time send me an email about what you would like at